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When you take a dump, finish and leave the bathroom, only to be back in the bathroom within 15 minutes for the second round. That short break between dumps is a shintermission.
Dude One: Now where is he? I saw him come back from the can, but I cannot find him.
Dude Two: He's back in the can again. You saw him during the shintermission.
Dude One: That's what can happen when you down two 28 ounce steaks.
by Coosey Junt May 14, 2016
A small length of unwrapped. twisted electrical tape left at the end of a wrap, so the next guy can easily unwrap the tape. Failure to leave a buddy is being shitty to the next guy.
WiringDude1: That wiring job too twice as long because it took me 5 minutes to unwrap the electrical tape on each pull.

WiringDude2: Why didn't you use a buddy?

WiringDude1: I did, but the guy helping me didn't.

WiringDude2: Oh yeah, that dickhead never leaves a buddy.
by Coosey Junt December 14, 2013
The spurt of yogurt that flies out when pulling the foil top off a Yoplait yogurt. Without adequate protection, it is common to end up a creamy load of Yospooge on your hand, clothing or even your face.
At lunch today, I forgot to cover my Yoplait yogurt container with a napkin before pulling off the foil top. I wound up with Yospooge running down my cheek!
by Coosey Junt April 6, 2015
A mouth that can comfortable hold two dicks. Also called a 'TDM.'
Dude1: "Carly Simon has a TDM."

Dude2: "A what?"

Dude1: "A TDM - you know,a Two Dick Mouth."

Dude2: "Oh yeah, totally. I wonder if James Taylor ever tested it with a buddy."
by Coosey Junt December 13, 2013
A real-life bad ass who hunted Nazis after World War II. Also, a very good actor and all-around nice guy (unless you're a Nazi.)
Dude1: "Christopher Lee was the shit."
Dude2: "Who the hell is Christopher Lee?"

Dude1: "You know, the guy that played Count Dooku and Saruman. He's been acting like forever."
Dude2: "Yeah, he was pretty cool I guess... just an actor and an old dude."

Dude1: "Bullshit. He hunted fuckin' Nazis after World War II as part of some secret British operation. He was a war veteran and a bonafide bad ass."
Dude2: "Damn! He truly *was* the shit. I bet when he was 90 years old he still kicked the shit out of people that deserved it. He's was like a white 'Shaft'!"

Dude1: "You're damn right. He was one bad motherfucker."
by Coosey Junt May 14, 2016
When your iPhone autocorrects something you typed into a string of unintelligable garbage.
Text Sent: Hey, I was wondering if Thea he books get tiftwyhe later rosy.

Reply: What???

Text Sent: I was asking if Thea was coming home today, but my iPhone had an iStroke.
by Coosey Junt April 6, 2019