Scrimming was once an integral part of yarndling, often performed in basins. Hence scrimming basins. These basins are now sometimes replaced with octagonal dry beds, or simply not used at all. The irregular rim of a scrimming basin can be described as having a quality pertaining to kedding. Basins were usually situated next to a threading plantin and/or a vertical knapper. Nowadays, they can be seen more easily from the air.
"Have you finished with the scrimming basin, Jack?"
by Cod Michael May 21, 2020
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The act of orally stimulating your partners rectum, while he or she is in the process of deficating. Commonly known as the combination term for skat and rimming.
1. "Spread, your gonna get scrimmed"
2. "I'd rather get caught scrimming my mother than....."
3. "Dude I totally got scrimmed last night", "did you kiss her afterwards?"
by flangelord March 27, 2009
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An online game between two or more teams. A scrim is a practice match, usually before one of the teams go into a more serious 'ladder' match. A scrim can be any online game, but notables are: Counterstrike, Enemy Territory and Battlefield 1942.
There is a scrim between and n00bs at 20:30 tonite.
by newio February 17, 2005
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Playing a training game against another clan/team in a computer game.
Me: Hey progamer that I can bother about anything because of steam, wanna play a game?
Pro: fu noob Im scrimming
Me: Oh whats that?
pro: stop msgs its annoying
Me: Oh really? how annoying?
by My other pseudonym December 14, 2012
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Scrim - Short for scrimage. Used most notably by clans, or teams in first person shooter, online games. Mainly used for practice
|RwG| vs. ''~', Scrim tonight, our server. Be there or be square!!11!
by .monoXide August 1, 2005
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"Scrim Scrim (name here)."
by Crunkturd February 17, 2012
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This is when 2 clans or Teams play each other not sexually, i meant game(s) such as CS for practice purpose
5 v 5 | de_cpl_fire ( this week map :P ) | (Y)ours East Server | CAL-im/m | No PugZ/NoobZ | PM Me

Also See PCW
by Pak!TerrOr April 9, 2003
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