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Scrimming was once an integral part of yarndling, often performed in basins. Hence scrimming basins. These basins are now sometimes replaced with octagonal dry beds, or simply not used at all. The irregular rim of a scrimming basin can be described as having a quality pertaining to kedding. Basins were usually situated next to a threading plantin and/or a vertical knapper. Nowadays, they can be seen more easily from the air.
"Have you finished with the scrimming basin, Jack?"
by Cod Michael May 21, 2020
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Since the late 1800s, competitive threading has been an important part of the yarndling fraternity. Marks are awarded for artistic kedding, skilful use of the verricule holder and overall 'authenticity of purpose'. The Tasmanian branch of the Yarndling Association in Hobart, Tasmania is a particularly strong contender in the Antipodean regionals, citing "fun, tempered with social responsibility" as their watchword.
During the 2012 London Olympics, Team GB would often remind the public of its commitment to the "spirit of yarndling", principally in its emphasis on fair play, equality for all, and competitive threading.
by Cod Michael May 18, 2020
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Ancient craft carried out around the world, often using gloves called chorns. Nowadays, yarndling attracts a fair amount of attention, especially in the summer months, and it is not unusual for tourists to travel to those areas where yarndling is still performed. Since 1938, the British Isles Yarndling Association (patron: Prince Charles) has overseen all competitive threading activities.
The results of the threading competition had been posted in the East Grinstead Community Centre and Graham was pleased that his yarndling exploits had earned him second place, despite the rusty bevelling on his cotter pins.
by Cod Michael May 14, 2020
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