The period of the Stone Age associated with the evolution of humans. It predates the Neolitic period.
Among the major subdivisions, the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) lasted until 10,000 years ago.
by HistoryNerd94 November 4, 2010
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The cultural period of the Stone Age that began around 2 to 2.5 million years ago marked by the earliest he of stone tools.
by Julio chavarin December 8, 2015
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A woman who is treated fairly and with respect by coworkers.

Referring to Paleolithic times(~12000BCE) when men cared for animals and women tended crops with a hoe. The invention of the plow required men to do "heavy work" and an animal to pull. This in turn changed the roles to males providing for the family, while women raised the family, creating the first gender inequality.
Dave: "Did you hear Stacy quit her job at Microsoft for a job at Burger king?"
Sam: "Hard to believe, but she said the work environment is so much better."
Dave: "They must have made her a paleolithic hoe."
by mrs-butters September 7, 2014
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