When yarndling, if the perice grinds against the tallen it can produce an unpleasant rasping noise. Not to be confused with the peruce, which can produce a similar noise.
Did you know your tarifold is missing its perice lozenge?
by Cod Michael June 23, 2020
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A real funny guy that can make you laugh your ass off. He likes to talk about tide pods Andy hates whit people
by Jack 23 March 30, 2018
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A mechanical robot that dances with monkey-pirates named spongebob. NOTE: Has a built-in mini fridge
Weird bloke : "Mmmmm I'm thirsty"
Super-cool Nick: "Get one from the Peric"
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Looking for an ideal christmas present? Kids have high expectations? Look no further! Choob productions are proud to present, "The Peric"!!!!! This is NOT your avarage robot! This robot can fly, cry, get high, and eat pie, all for the low low price of £25.00!!! Comes complete with 1 months worth of oil!
(Not suitable for children under 3 years old)
Oil them joints!
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(Adj.) Sorta hot .... A person you need a few beers to get through it.
Naw, he was perical but got over it after drink three.
by Aryn Korbowsin June 26, 2018
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A rich girl from serbia but lives in norway, shes really spoiled
Ayo have you seen the new girl?
answer:Anastasija peric?
yeah shes gorgeous ive heard that she got alot of money.
by analoll November 3, 2020
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Robin Peric is one of the coolest people on earth. They have impeccable style, such cool interests, they’re absolutely hilarious, and they are the most beautiful person you will ever lay your eyes upon. They are such a sweetheart and you will be very lucky to meet them.
“Have you met Robin Peric?”

“No they kind of sound like they sniff dog farts for a living…”

by Francis <3 June 30, 2022
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