Red Grover. Laughs when tickled unless batteries are dead.
by LN July 20, 2003
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A red fuzzy creature that loves to touch and be touched by children of all ages
Wow look at he touching that kid again
by quack cluck cluck June 6, 2006
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a character from sesame street, he has his own world where he sings and dances and finds things out with his goldfish. many toys of him in toy stores. talks like a girl, and is seemingly very cute and cuddley.
Elmo rocks my socks with his elmoness.
by ggggggggggggggggggggggggggraz December 9, 2005
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1.bright red sesame street character - pure evil, v.v.v. psychopathic & knows where u live. keep your eyes peeled: he is very short, skinny, with a small rugby ball head & 2 plastic white balls with black dots for eyes - black mouth always hangs slightly open in a very scary way. 2.harmless cute cuddly thng wit freaky movin blanky.
aaaaaaaahh!!! you killed me elmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awwww, look, it's elmo!!!
by SheWithTheFatCat January 27, 2007
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a fuzzy red adorable monster all kids under 7 want to be when they get older
i love seasame street
by Mary April 7, 2005
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A red puppet that had its own show
This puppet was sent to rehab in 1998 and was released in 2003. He is now on the run from the PoPo and he kills everyone he sees. He is mostly roming around Elmo's World, Massachusetts.
by I am yourworstnightmare101 December 16, 2007
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