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V. To Custard Pie

From the age old tradition of a clown throwing a custard pie at another clown or member of the audience, this phrase has come to mean when someone humiliates someone on a personal level either by accident, or on purpose.

To custard pie someone is to not notice, be it on purpose or accidentally, that a person has spoken to you, waved at you, blown a kiss at you etc.

If a person waves at someone across the street, and the other person carries on walking, for whatever reason, the wavee is said to have 'custard pied' the waver.

This phenomenon is usually followed closley by a snide remark of the person who has just been custard pied, or an aquiantance saying something such as "You need some help cleaning that pie off your face?"
Man in Street 1: "Hey buddy! Good to see you? How you been? High Five!"
Man in Street 2 walks on
Man in Street 1's Girlfriend to Man in Street 1: "Haha! You just got custard pied!"
Man in Street 1: "Give me a hand with this all this pie?"
by Howester January 27, 2008
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When a man busts a nut in or on a girls vagina and then eats her out and spits it in her mouth.

Burnt custard pie: Custard pie with the asshole instead of the vagina.

custard pie with sprinkles: Pubic hairs in custard pie

Ladies, custard pie?
by Kyle Derosiers July 26, 2006
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