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A statement to show agreement or excitement, mostly used in Maine and New England. Commonly used in conjunction with "Guy" or "Bub".
Person 1: Hey, check out my new truck!

Person 2: Right wicked, Guy!

Person 1: You goin' to the party tonight?
Person 2: Right Wicked!
by Cinymin86 November 15, 2009
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A phrase used to ask about something odd, or what the point of something is. The word "that" can also be replaced with whatever noun the person is asking about. It is also common to inerject the word "fuck" into the phrase to express shock or discust.
What's up with the smirk?
Look at all those bags on the road. What's up with that?

Person1: What the fuck's up with your hand!?
Person2: Ahh! Why are you just standing there?! Take me to the fucking hospital!
by Cinymin86 November 16, 2009
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Like road rage, only it occurs in a shopping center/grocery store while driving carts instead of cars.

It's that feeling you have toward the fat lady, who is parked directly in the middle of the isle, making it completely impossible to pass her on either side. You know she is just trying to decide if she should go with diet coke instead of regular, just so she can get more twinkies and so doesn't see you or care that you're trying to get by.

When you have to stiffle the urge to ram them or even to say "excuse me" because you KNOW it'll come out more like "Get the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU DUMB BITCH!!"

It's the slow old people, the ones that cut you off, the ones that are completly lost, the ones that don't use blinkers (ok, so carts don't have blinkers, but in this state of mind you think they should) etc
I had to leave Wal-Mart. Yeah I forgot a few things, but there were so many people in there, I knew I was having a bad case of shopping cart rage coming on.
by Cinymin86 November 22, 2009
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An unfortunate affliction found in males that 99% of the time will lead to bigger problems. One with this disorder will be extremly arroused, hard, and ready for a sexual encounter until a condom is applied. Once the condom is on, the male's errection disappears and goes completly limp. After this, one of the following happens:

1. The female refuses to go forward without a condom and the male never gets laid.

2. The female and male agree to forget the condom and go for it, usually leading to an STD, pregnancy, or both.

3. The male pathetically tries with the condom on until the female tires and says "Oh, just get off me already!"

Some men only have the disorder when drunk, while others have it all their lives.
Dude: I am soo hard!
Chick: Woah! Don't forget the condom!
::Dude puts condom on and looses errection::
Chick: Oh no! You're condom shy aren't you? Fuck this, I'll see ya later...
Dude: Damn it!!
by Cinymin86 November 21, 2009
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Someone who feels so insecure about themselves that they feel the need to add their name to the Urban Dictionary, listing a whole bunch of compliments.
Person 1: Hey look! I'm in the dictionary for real now! It says I am totally awesome!
Person 2: Maybe if you had real friends, you wouldn't need a dictionary to tell you they like you. UD Whore!
by Cinymin86 November 17, 2009
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In Maine, tourist season goes from somewhere around Memorial Day, right up past Labor Day. This is where the state's nickname "Vacation Land" comes from. It's to hot to stay down in their own state and there's no school, so they want to see the "quaint" state of Maine.

What happens is they come in, drive like idiots, raise up the gas prices, and invaide the beachs, parks, and all the little shops from York to Bangor, and some even farther North. They go to the Lobster Festival to eat the lobstahs at rediculously high prices and the other fairs. This is the time of year you see about 1 Maine licence plate for every 10 "outta state" ones. Where it takes at LEAST 20 minutes to get down Main Street (if it usually takes 5min) Tourists, Outta State-ahs, People From Away... and don't forget the rich summah people who buy their property down on the coast!

Yeah, we're nice to 'em most a tha time, but they sure are a pain in the ass!

But, once it's all over with, it gets cold, and a little dull, so we can drive normal again to find somethin else to do. Hell, sometimes we miss 'em! Well, maybe not...
Most Maine-ahs (Mainers - to be one, you MUST have been BORN in Maine) joke about it and say "Well, there's deer season, and duck season, so since they call it 'tourist season, why can't we shoot them too?'"

When crossin' a one way street durrin Tourist Season, look the one way for the Locals, and make sure ya look the wrong way for the outta state-ahs!
by Cinymin86 November 25, 2009
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A way to say "ciggarette break" without your boss knowing that you're going to have a smoke. Especially useful in non-smoking environments. The term "fresh air" can also be used to mean "ciggarette" but is not typically necessary and doesn't sound right in most contexts.
Employee 1: I'm going out for a fresh air break
Boss: Ok, just be back in 15
Employee 2: (whisper) He doesn't know you mean you're going for a smoke?
Employee 1: (whisper) No! That's the point!
by Cinymin86 November 21, 2009
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