A crappy, backwater town in North Wales, in which there is nothing to do but sit in subway and laugh at passing chavs. Because of Bangor Uni, the place is overrun by hipster students sporting unamusing old meme t shirts and talking too loud. Half it's population are illiterate thanks to the clusterfuck of fail that is the British education system.
guy 1: Hey, Iets go to Bangor!
guy2: Do you really want to get mauled by chavs and hipsters?
guy1: On second thoughts, let's not. Tis a silly place.
by Basket Case Eighty Four November 5, 2011
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The original Bangor is located in North Wales, U.K, close to Anglesey. It is an historic coastal town with a population of around 20,000, a large proportion of which come from Bangor's growing university.
A: Have you ever been to Bangor?
B: Yes
A: Did you like it?
B Yes, although its a little rough around the edges...an endeering quality me thinks...
by OTP March 2, 2006
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A large town in Northern Ireland that has traditionally been a place of civilised accents, but since the tribal 'chav' has taken control of Bangor it is considered to be a 'Teenage chav riddled shit hole' - Information by a Pikkie Swan
Chav1 - Yeo Jonty!!
Chav2 - Wah?
Chav1 - Fancy fawkin up Bangor?
Chav2 - Aye, bring da fawking bawky!
Chav1 - Pure beaut.
by jontym888 January 18, 2011
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Birthplace of Paul Bunyan, Bangor is a small city in Maine full of people that don't know how to drive correctly.
Tim had to go to live in Bangor for seven months, and he almost got hit by a car.
by TKC May 1, 2005
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The very northermost outpost of civilization in the United States, Bangor is the third largest city in Maine. The population consist almost entirely of whites, and a majority of druggies and other dirtbags. The only celebrity to live in Bangor is bestselling horror author Stephen King. Also known as "The Queen City".
The best thing to do on a friday night in Bangor is get drunk and drive by Stephen King's house.
by Reluctant Bangorian April 12, 2006
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A "hill", as the people who live there call it. Bangor is commonly reffered to by teenagers as a "hole" (an old and payed out alot suburb). The only people that deny this hard as stone fact of Bangor being a hole is the Bangor people themselves.
Proof of Bangor being a hole is that the people of it always say it is so great when together, but completely fail to stick up for it when alone.
by Bob stakesly March 19, 2006
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A small town in Eastern PA between south of the Poconos but North of the Lehigh Valley with approximately 2 black people. You have to travel at least a half hour to get a goddamn pair of socks. There is all the crappiness of bein a small town without any of the nice open space of bein in the country. There are a few local crackheads. Also, the name being Bangor, people always make sexual puns
Jack: Where are you from?

John: Bangor, PA

Jack: Bangor? Hardly knew her
by soulja boy jb February 5, 2011
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