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1. To make one feel sick or disgusted.
2. To squick over a bizarre and distasteful situation.
3. My friend Brad in a speedo. *mentally squicking right now*
ie. "Dumbledore, McGonnagall and the Giant Squid are having a threesome and Ron is getting it on videotape."

"That squicks me muchly."

"I am completely squicked at the image."

"How squicky!!"
by Chrystal Barr April 06, 2004

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Smut+Fluff=Smuff. The addition of fluffiness to a smutfic. Fanfiction term coined by Frulie. See Fruliesmut and Flanst.
"Wow, they were totally having kinky, tie-grabbing, Kilt-sex on a tea table while doing some laundry and the next thing you know she had them being all lovey-dovey! It was total Smuff!"
by Chrystal Barr June 16, 2004

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Fluff+Angst=Flanst in fanfiction terms.

Term coined by Frulie. See: Fruliesmut
"Did you read Frulie's new story? Draco was so fluffy and Harry was so angsty."

"Yeah, I read it and it was so flansty."
by Chrystal Barr June 16, 2004

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Noun: A family made up entirely of friends in a shared fandom. Term coined by Jadarene.
"I have so much lurve for my fanily! They always leave me such helpful comments on my latest fic, and lodge pervy plotbunnies in my head for the next one. Honestly Hermione, what would I do without them? They are so OMGWTFBBQSQUEE!!eleven!!!"
by Chrystal Barr June 17, 2004

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Fruliesmut --

1. Adj.

2. Smut that is just so hot that it makes you go 'GUH! *Puddle* *Die* *Get back up to do it all over again*'

3. Any smut that has girls rubbing their legs together and guys going 'Need a bathroom! NOW!'

4. Named after frulie.
I was reading the latest Fruliesmut today and all I could say was, 'Guh. Mer. Squee.' for about an hour.

There's no smut like Fruliesmut when you need that extra dose of H/D hotness.
by chrystal barr May 12, 2004

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Fanfiction term:

Noun, adj.
Definition: Used to describe a fic that is comedic, yet fluffy. See also Fluff.
OMG! Did you read that new fic from {insert crazy bastard here}?! They were ostrich shooting wearing speedos!

I know! But the ending was lovely when Character X proposed in the field of poppies.
by Chrystal Barr September 23, 2004

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Fandom term coined by idiotic_savant. When your fanfic is recommended through a limerick, generally written by jadarene, it is a limerec.
"Did you see that limerec for Four Broomsticks by idiotic_savant?"

"Yeah, I did! Jadarene made it sound so hot that I just had to scurry off to read it."
by Chrystal Barr June 18, 2004

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