Cute things in a relationship such as cuddles and kisses, not sexual.
"What happened last night"
"Nothing much just some fluff"
by fluffyflufffluff September 23, 2017
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Fan-fiction that is cute or adorable. Makes you want to squeeze something because of how cute the scene is. Just overall adorableness between people.
That scene where he was nervous to hold her hand and was worried all about it, then she took his hand..... Just so much fluff, I can't handle it.
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Another word for "Unnecessary bullshit". In general, describing something that is pointless or has no real reason for its existence. Is often pronounced "flaff".
Oi, We'll have none of that fluff!
by r700a February 7, 2015
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Meaning, to have a lot of romance kisses and such, not being sexual basically a platonic relationship.
This FanFic has a lot of Fluff in it for it to be yaoi.
by xBaddie.Vibesx February 23, 2020
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When your a non-swearer and you need to cover up for the F word
White guy: *rapping Eminem* Will Smith don't gotta cus in his raps to sell records; well I do so fluff him and fluff you to!
Friends: Dude wtf, did you just say fluff?
by Limeage August 31, 2015
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1. Marshmallow, in a jar.
2. Part of the ingredients in Jane Rizzoli's favorite type of sandwich fluffernutter
Maura: What is this white substance?
Jane: Fluff.
Maura: Light, downy particles of cotton?
Jane: It's marshmallow, and the brown substance is called peanut butter. It's ground up, heavy, oily particles of peanuts.
by msanimanga August 3, 2011
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"Fluff you are the most magical of all the beings"
Makes sense when said by someone referred to as a snail
by 🐌♥️🐻 November 13, 2019
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