The pairing of Harry and Draco in the Harry Potter fandom.
I found a new H/D archive
by Riko` April 3, 2006
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Short for HONEY DIP - A female with a great body and a face to match it.
Hey man, look at that H-D over there, she would get it.
by BigBalliNick March 9, 2007
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One person:"Hey! bet you're all pumped about that!"
The other person: "H-D-Y!"
by acegirl June 10, 2009
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i showed up late...drunk/high...played...and got H-A-D all over AGAIN
by Thrasherjesuschrist June 22, 2008
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Short for hump and dump; to pursue someone only for a quick get-off then to leave that person in the past
The girl Peggy from the bar was only a H and D for Tom
by Cutty January 13, 2006
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A super cool nickname for names that start with a D or and H.
H- hound
boom boom
pow pow

guess what??
glitter, glitter , glitter
twirl, twirl, twirl
together forever its
D-dawg and H-hound
by Hallie Carter October-20-19 November 27, 2019
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A dismissive signoff in online forum postings. Acronym for Have A Nice Day.
(at the end of a post picking apart someone's argument)
So, STFU, H-A-N-D.
by Not-Croaker March 8, 2006
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