11 definitions by Chief Nick

any person who is upset with President Trump to the point of having an apoplexy .
He's so trumpflustered he's gonna stroke out!
by Chief Nick May 19, 2017
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A person who has no problem with the politics of John Kerry.

A Progressive Liberal Democrat looking to make America a socialist state.

Any person who ignores the needs of American veterans.
Barack Obama is Kerryfied.
by Chief Nick April 26, 2017
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Political racism is the use of racism for political gain, including the improper application of it to censor people or speech.
Al Gore introduced political racism into his campaign by claiming all who voted against him were racists.
Twitter uses political racism as a determination of who to block, allowing it from Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats while banning conservatives who say the same thing.
Allowing racism to be used against any single race, including white people, is political racism.
by Chief Nick August 6, 2018
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PLSD is the acronym for Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats, also known today as the Democrat Party of America.
A PLSD is any person who believes in political correctness (censorship), government handouts, government controls, income sharing, a compliant citizenry, and the idea that freedom is given to the citizens by the government and not something endowed in man.
by Chief Nick June 19, 2017
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Hilliaryfied is what happens when something you do results in disastrous effects and you not only refuse to believe it but you blame everybody else under the sun.
Kathy Griffin is hillaryfied, she is blaming President Trump for her career going in the tank due to the bloody head photo.
by Chief Nick June 2, 2017
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Any politician who, while serving as a government employee, creates a net worth more than five (5) times the total of their salary, is a Clintonian.
Nancy Pelosi has earned $5,415,200 in salary as a Representative in the US Congress, yet has amassed a net worth of $196,299,990 during that same time, making her a true Clintonian.
by Chief Nick January 21, 2018
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Any reporter who is obnoxious, loutish, or crude in their asking of questions, especially out of turn or in a formal setting.
Did you see that Braying Ass Acosta shouting at the President while he answered the questions of another reporter?

Did you see that Braying Ass screaming at President Putin?
by Chief Nick July 13, 2018
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