Something you hold into when you're young

Commonly associated with holding your gonads
Squirrel #1: When you're a kid and you wanna go "weeeee".
But you ain't got drugs yet!
You hold on for your life,
Hold on to your little gonads... in strife...
by thisismyusernamek October 22, 2012
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A word that no one uses in real life, but everyone uses in songs because it's the only word widely applicable/vague enough to rhyme with life.
Whenever that songwriter can't use "wife" or "knife", he comes up with some bullshit about feeling a lot of strife. No one says that lmao.
by IHateTheWordStrife February 16, 2021
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strife (a) to "smoke the cannibus.. is to smoke the strife" true statement... bitches.
"smoke the strife"
by Ryan May 30, 2004
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to fight or to argue with family/friends and so on
"i've strife with Bro just now,he kicked my ass"
by HOMESTUCK_SHIT February 6, 2015
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