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Progressive liberals are often white liberals who are commonly low IQ brainwashed individuals who employ every tactic avaliable to shut down any opposition to their ideology. These people are mostly found in the UK, Canada and America.

They claim to be "progressive" but have a desire to label all non-whites as "people of color" (which takes away any individual identification) and genuinely don't see the problem with this. They will promote debunked concepts like the Gender Gap and claim the West contains the most racist countries on Earth (despite the West having greater diversity than Eastern Europe countries, Asia and East Asia where both racism and xenophobia are rampart particularly in Asia and East Asia where foreigners can be legally discriminated against).

They will claim women are oppressed in the West despite women having not just voting rights but the right to own businesses and become politicians (in fact the UK has seen two female Prime Ministers). These things are unheard of in radical Islamic countries which do actually oppress women but normally pointing this fact out will get you labelled as a racist by these white liberals who refuse to protest against actual oppressive regimes and countries.
Progressive liberals will try to speak on behalf of us "minorities" and refuse us our own voice. If we speak against their ideology, they quickly become more racist than anyone on the right labelling us as "race traitors" or coconuts.

These white "progressive" liberals are often privileged individuals who live in a bubble and have never experienced hardship in their lives. If you explain why there needs to be a cap on immigration due to resource and economical means, they will label you as a racist and accuse you of wanting to deport all foreign born people.
by Liberal madness July 11, 2018
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