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Poke guy is a Hong Kong slang meaning "I hope you die by falling down in the streets".
It could also mean a jerk.
A: Look at that poke guy. He is flirting with the girls again.
B: And he's not even good at it.
by ChickenLui November 6, 2018
A beautiful and kind lady, Lucinda looks and acts natural all the time. She is the very definition of perfection and balance, as she is unique in a good way, mischievous and caring at the same time. If a Lucinda asks you out, try to avoid refusing her.
A: Lucinda asked me out and I said no.
B: You jerk!
by ChickenLui December 7, 2018
Gabriel is an asshole who can get away from any sort of trouble due to the fact that he's traumatised from the time he was studying in La Salle. He calls batman a "billionaire goth" and Ben Solo a "space emo" because he admires edgelords.
A: Have you seen Gabriel today?
B: The popular one or the PTSD asshole?
by ChickenLui November 3, 2018
A pokemon known as a waifu due to its womanly appearance.
A: Why do you have a frikkin Gardevoir waifu pillow?
B: Nani!?
by ChickenLui November 5, 2018
lui is a hong kong slang meaning a terrible teacher.
A: A teacher said I'm 雞lui's favourite.
B:Nobody asked you on9.
by ChickenLui November 2, 2018
A: Ever heard of Gabriel the edgy boi who commited self harm?
B: You mean the part Australian Asian Boi?
A: Yah
by ChickenLui November 1, 2018
On lung 99 means as dumb as a penis. This phrase is used by hong kong citizens. The la salle equivalent of on lung 99 is 8745.
If you're on lung 99 and you know it please don't like this definition.
by ChickenLui November 2, 2018