8745 is a D&T teacher in La Salle College(LSC) in Kowloon City District of Hong Kong.His English Level is so poor that he called a smart phone 'a hand phone'.His is usually being called 'small NG' in LSC.45 is similar to the Chinese pronunciation of small NG.
Student A:What Is the next lesson?
Student B:8745
Student A:Ow... D&T again!
by I'm 8745 ! November 11, 2019
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8745 is a derogatory, slang term used by students in La Salle College in Hong Kong, referring to a teacher with surname Ng.

The term 8745 is usually used as cursing the teacher, or as a replacement of retarded.
Student 1: I want to play Clash Royale!
Student 2: Don't be so 8745.
by GgFdxGj June 30, 2018
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8745 refers to a Design and Technology teacher at La Salle College in Hong Kong. This term is derogatory.
This term is also used as an expression for stupidity.
You installed Internet Explorer on your computer? Only 8745 will do it!
by GgFdxGj June 30, 2018
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#8745 means a teacher in La Salle College who teaches D&T and is called smallng. 8745 means exactly the same as stupidity or idiocy. He always asks us what 8745 means. He even broke his leg while chasing a bus.
Student 1: I like Mr.Ng
Student 2: Don't be a 8745
by cringy trash July 4, 2018
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8745 is the nickname of Gordon Ng. This name goes so long back that it might have been invented for nearly 20 years.
To future generations: 8745 was invented way back than you think.
by JohnMakFan the 2nd June 5, 2021
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He looks very ugly and his is completely brainless. His body is made up of 98% fat 2% coconut shell and small bones and 0% Brain. He didn't know what is Google, youtube and even the Internet.
8745 is a shit guy
by idkidk8745 March 1, 2023
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