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a phrase used to accept a request or deal; a slang term meaning "consider it done"
You want me to trade my Pinto for your Hummer? Done and done!
by Celeste March 04, 2004

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a synonym for casual sex; getting "some cutta" means getting some pussy
"We was two songs away from getting some cutta. Now we one song away from tearing da club up" -Ludacris, "Stand Up"
by Celeste February 26, 2004

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a word that describes something warm, fuzzy and cute that makes you happy when you touch them or see them or think about them.
it can also describe the action of doing something that makes you happy in the aforementioned ways...
kittens are so lully...
sleeping in bed with someone warm is lully :D
by celeste February 16, 2005

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gone, dissappeared, a GHOST.
I'm swayze.
by Celeste May 25, 2003

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A term used to describe the obsessive idiots who talk about terrorism and Osama Bin Laden at a pheonomenal rate. Usually these people are also referring to the tragedy of Middle Easterns living in the U.S.A
It is best to insult these people with their own medicine...
Jesus Christ! STFU! Man, you really are Osama's Bitch aren't you?
by Celeste December 15, 2004

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theres no I in team but there IS an I in WIN!
Celeste stays up all night figuring out a maximizer formula, and when she comes into work earlier than the rest of you dildiots, you don't get credit for it, SHE DOES. Instead, she gets fired for being a lousy team player. Because you're a whiney little bitch. Before leaving with her severence, she is heard to have shouted "There may not be an I in team, but there is an I in WIN!" as she slid down the banister and into the arms of a deserving company who didn't want to pay a consultant. There's no i in team, but there is in win, okay?!
by Celeste November 02, 2005

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An italian wannabe rapper sitting on the crapper (waiting for something to happen.... but nothings going to happen at all.)
*stupid face*
by Celeste March 19, 2004

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