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A saltine is a person who is a cracker/cracka and is also a square. The term is derived from the famous saltine brand of crackers, which are square shaped.
That dude is a muddafuggin saltine -- a cracka and a square!
by hustlerballer April 13, 2006
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Most simple, delightful, addictive cracker every created. Put em' in soup, put some peanutbutter on em, heck do what ya want. Eat a sleeve if your hungry. Cheap and delicious.

Even got their own challange.
1) " Hey want a saltine?"

- "I could never eat just one"

2) "hey want some soup?"

- na I dont have some saltine crackers ... that'd be stupid

3) Got one minute to eat 6 saltines! Go!
by saltiney January 31, 2011
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A triggered white boy. A non-triggered white boy is called a cracker, but saltines are a little extra SALTY.
"Bruh I ate one of that kid's animal cookies and he started hissing at me and slapping me"
"Yeah he's a saltine"
by YoungRatChild March 18, 2017
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The of cuming and then drying it with a blow dryer, cutting it into the shape of a cracker, adding salt on top of it and then having a random girl eat it.
Wow dude check it out that girl just swallowed that saltine whole.
by A.E.P. time three April 13, 2011
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A black person that acts white, like a cracker.
(v. adds "-d") A black person that used to act black but hangs out with white people and now acts like them.
"Man, those Cosby kids were real saltines!"
"He was hangin' with them white dudes and he got saltined!"
by IKIRN May 03, 2004
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