LITERALLY just J, the one and only. Internet famous kid who does questionable acts and versatile in his craft. Old J enjoys pursuing unknown pleasures and has no shortage of side bitches.

whatever j plans on doing can’t be good but it’s entertaining nonetheless. A true player

j is a “devil may care” type kid who’s main concern can vary but typically involves self serving before anyone else

j is the physical embodiment of bad vibes but makes up with it by his charming and interesting personality

j is a total fuckboi, beware the hair! Cuz he don’t care!

“All the girls wanna fuck wit J and it’s no question why” -the world

j is up to no good so it’s best to keep your distance
by GrungeNgo January 14, 2022
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A marijuana ciggarette smoked to cause a different perception of reality. (high)
Johnny wanted to forget that he was fighting for a country that did nothing for him so he smoked a
by young d2 February 18, 2004
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J stands for Junkie. The term is used down south often... even in rap songs. A junkie is somebody who has a bad drug addiction.
-Yesterday I saw a J giving head for some crack. That shits fucked up!

-T.I. - 24's:
By tha niggas getting head from a J, loose your leg when I spray and your dead from decay, stay ready for the raid pay heavy for the yay I told my class kiss my ass i make 11 everyday

-JR Get Money - Trap All Day:
Im in the trap all day, cell phone ringing off the hook from the J's, the blow sitting mad counting money in the shade, there sure aint no other way id rather get paid.
by AJ S May 17, 2007
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j is short for joint a joint is weed roled in cigerett paper
dr dre came through with a gang of tangeray and a fat ass j fith the bubanic cronc that made me choke (i cant spell i am sooo high right now)
by will August 12, 2004
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the equivalent to being chill.
Dude im cool, im j.
its sooo j here.
by paulday February 2, 2011
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