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Portuguese (Brazilian) slang term meaning something along the lines of stubborn or picky. In some cases can be used to say annoying. Usually this can be used as a term of endearment, as playful banter.
Portuguese: Oi Chata! Tudo bem!?

English: Hey Chata! Everything well!?
by fresca_ October 20, 2009
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- hispanic origins - female adjetive to describe something truncated, or flat. Nickname for a girl who has a small flat nose, or small breasts. (CHATO = is the male version)
"How can Maria breathe through her nose, she's so chata"

"Dude Nancy needs a boob job, she's too damn chata"
by LJim August 15, 2005
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word used to silence someone when they are talking about something they shouldnt be talking about.
Chata the fuck up! Cha Ta! Chata your mouth!
by carly January 14, 2005
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A chata is someone who is a backstabbing whore. Beware of chatas, they might seem pretty when you meet...but as you get to know them they will become uglier and uglier. They will lie to get their way and criticize everyone behind their back. A chata is not someone you want to have around since it is the equivalent of a street whore.
He hired a chata to have sex with him for 2 dollares.
by definingyou May 09, 2010
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T3h suxor 1337 raggamuphin wannabe living in Costa Rica.
Chata: dude! i just leeted msn messenger!
skullfire: Why, what'd u do?
Chata: t3h color haxor! *changes font color*
skullfire:... dumb noob
by skullfire January 24, 2005
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