(1) A reference to the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

(2) Explosive rupture of the rectal containment vessel due to intestinal reactor meltdown — creating a vast, uninhabitable dead zone for several centuries.
Stay away from the bathroom — I just did a Fukushima.

That big bean burrito gave me a Fukushima.

Uh oh — where's the toilet? I think I just ate a Fukushima burger.
by WeMayGotJokes March 19, 2011
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To have a situation foul up worse than you ever thought possible. To have a piece of equipment experience more abuse than it was designed for. To experience a problem far beyond your worst-case scenario planning.
When a computer crashes and your backup tapes are missing and it's quarter-end and the boss just decided to reject your budget for adequate data recovery. "This is Fukushima'ed."

When your home mortgage is underwater and you can't apply for refinancing and you can't afford to keep it and you can't afford to take the credit hit by walking away. "You're Fukushima'ed."
by mobilesventek March 17, 2011
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Japanese nuclear scientist Akiko - “We were trying to avoid another Chernobyl, but we’ve got complete Fukushima! Hey Chokichi look my pet lizard just turned to Godzilla!
by brown_rat March 16, 2011
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To majorly fuck up others' world through ignorance, incompetence, greed, and/or collective denial. Named after the aged nuclear power plant in Japan that falsified safety records, ignored warnings, and inadequately prepared for disaster.
That asshole drives home from the bar loaded every night. Somebody's gunna get fukushima'd.

We'd been together six months before I realized the dick's been sleeping all over town without a condom. Now we're all fukushima'd.
by mistamikey April 2, 2011
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To be completely and utterly fucked up. Melted down and destroyed. Named after the Japanese nuclear power plant that melted down after the 8.9 earthquake and resulting tsunami.
by AntonNoel March 15, 2011
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Bob and Sue's relationship has gone Fukushima! Everybody within a 15 mile radius better evauate, cause it's gonna blow!
by gnes1256 March 30, 2011
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Fukushima is the name of the nuclear power station and the severely damaged in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

In other words; a completed disaster.
Dude, that car is a complete fukushima.

Yeah, he completely fukushimad that one.
by DonMarcos June 11, 2012
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