20 definition by CapTim

A person who's participation in online discussions comprises purely of copy 'n pasted opinion from other similar forums.
I thought John was making more valid points than usual in our online debate, but then I realized he was just a participaster.
by CapTim October 21, 2008

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When food is so delicious it surpasses phenomenal status and is termed pheNomNomenal, as a result of the multiple noms it induces.
This cheese burger is phenomenal... no wait! It's pheNomNomenal! Nom! Nom!
by CapTim June 29, 2009

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An audition for a role in a film/play/band that is not based on the quality of actual performance, but rather on the quality of sexual favors provided to secure said role.
Jamie's such a hottie that we allowed her to whoredition for the band, even though everyone knows she can't sing to save her soul.
by CapTim March 18, 2009

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A: Someone who has an unnatural penchant for wearing Speedo style swimming trunks. Usually resulting in them looking rather dodgy.

B: Someone with a large collection of Speedo style swimming trunks.

Guy1: See that guy over there?
Guy2: The one with the handlebar mustache and the supertight Speedo?
Guy1: Ya! Creeepy!
Guy2: Damn, he looks like a Speedophile!


Guy1: Damn! That creep has a different color Speedo for each day of the week!
Guy2: Damn speedophile!
by CapTim March 07, 2008

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Foreplay that is not performed out of enjoyment, but rather out of a sense of duty (or entitlement).
I just wanted to get my game on... the last thing I wanted to do was get caught up in choreplay, but damn, she was so demanding.

by CapTim January 29, 2008

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A combination of an uncomfortable (and often ironic) laugh, and a shudder.
I luddered when Mandy told me that her balls were on fire . (Purely 'cos she is so manly that she might *just* actually have a pair... and that's something I REALLY don't want to think about.)

by CapTim March 28, 2008

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