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The absence of a defined wrist on a person - whereby the forearm of the arm merges directly into the hand. The forearm appears to replace the wrist - hence the term "fwrists".

Very similar to cankles, except on the arms instead of the legs.
Damn that chick's got some huge forearms - LOOK! She's got fwrists!
by CapTim May 21, 2008
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The ugly twin sister to the cwrist, fwrist is the chubby forearm-wrist; The wrist hardly tapers, if at all, resembling its cousin the cankle; also known by the pseudonyms Mega Man Syndrome and the cwrist.
The blind man cleverly felt his way down her pudgy arm to her much swollen fwrist. Before he could reject her, she abruptly blurted out "I know, my cankles are of similar mass, reject me if you must!"
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 08, 2008
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