5 definitions by Cantanope

A thin line of shit inside a kid's underwear, which looks like a car's skidmark.
Ew, you didn't clean the skid off before putting your underwear in the washer.
by Cantanope August 16, 2016
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as hot as the steam from a kettle, or hotter. very hot.
Careful, the seatbelt buckle is screaming hot.
Every food tastes better when it's screaming hot.
by Cantanope April 20, 2022
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an ironic term using to replace fuck
Joe: Heck the rules!
Jim: You're hecking crazy!
by Cantanope November 6, 2016
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Slang for vagina (from pussy), sometimes extended to catosaurus
Where is thy catus?
by Cantanope May 19, 2015
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Another way of saying someone's face "fell". Usually means someone is both surprised and upset.
When I told her what happened to the car, her face dropped.
by Cantanope November 7, 2021
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