32 definitions by Calvin

the best fucking city on the face of the earth. the home of the leafs, the only politically incorrect hockey team in the nhl. 37 years is ending this seasons guys! the cup is coming back home.
yo! tdot's got stanley this year boys!!
by Calvin April 5, 2004
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also spoken in redneckus:
by Calvin May 7, 2003
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big earings and little pikey boots
mostly predominant in maidstone kent area
by Calvin May 2, 2003
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Stokes Per Minute

See masturbate
See handjob
I can stroke my penis at 350 STM.

My girlfriend gives my a handjob at 650 STM.
by Calvin August 17, 2004
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I was slaying this girl when my momma called on the phone.
by Calvin October 2, 2002
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to laugh in an abrupt or uncontrolable manner.
friend 1: *explodes*
friend 2: stop exploding all over yourself.
by Calvin March 29, 2005
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