a person whos a punk and is scared to pick a fight with certain people
pussy nigga: i get bitches and ill shoot you meet up pussy

nigga that can fight: you a pussy didnt you say you would shoot me yeah you did but ur a bitch gimme yo shit cuz
by LilDurksGrillz November 10, 2020
Say "Don't talk about something you can't get" or "Maybe that's why you're such a dick" or "You are what you eat" (if you're a guy)
What to do if someone calls you a pussy
Guy 1: Pussy

You: Don't talk about something you can't get.

Guy 1: (Walks away because he just got burned)
by LaxBroBaller April 13, 2016
A phrase used to express deep respect for another individual.
Guy 1:You make my pussy go poggers!

Guy2: Thanks bro, that means a lot.
by Monky fckr_69 January 21, 2021
10 years in the joint made you a fucking pussy
nishiki: 10 years in the joint made you a fucking pussy
by I'm the coolest guy ever December 9, 2022
A dirtier, less known expression that mean's the same as "you can't have your cake and eat it, too."

In other words, you can't have everything you want. You get one thing, but you may not get the other.
Joe: Did you hear that Mike slept with Kelly?

Sam: Yea.

Joe: But she won't be his girlfriend.

Sam: "You can't have your pussy and eat it too"
by Russessabagina December 15, 2009
The phrase your girlfriend says when she's on the brink of a tantric orgasm
Oooooohh, yeah, yes yes, fuck me until you cum in my pussy , oh daddy aaah, aaaah, *pussy squirt
by Deadpool_RedSuit November 21, 2017