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The Gaelic spelling for a shortened form of Catherine or Kathleen. It's an Irish name meaning "pure essence". It's also an extremely common name.
The only correct way to spell this name. It does not include: Caitlyn, Catelyn, Catelin, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Katelin, etc.
She's a girl often so amazingly indescribable that no guy will ever deserve her. They say the name Caitlin means that she is often red-headed and dancing in the halls, in addition to being beautiful inside and out. She is classy.
Everyone loves her. She's not selfish and thinks of others constantly. She loves nice people and animals. She's much more mature then her age. She has a beautiful exotic face with a captivating smile and laugh. With model looks, she's the sweetest girl with the cutest personality that you'll ever meet, but usually a little shy and wants the guy to make the first big move. She has the effect of brightening up someone's day (even just by smiling). But when she's not shy she is really loud, really hilarious and really fun to be around. She smells really nice too. Not to mention her sense of humor, her hint of sarcasm.
Me: My name is Caitlin and I have dirty blonde hair and big brown eyes. My username is on urban dictionary is Caitlin13579.

Random Person: God, Caitlin is Amazing, I want to be her...

Random Person 2: Wow, Caitlin is everything I've ever wanted to be...

Me: Aweee! :) <3 xoxo
by Caitlin13579 July 02, 2011

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Selective mutism is a social anxiety disorder in which a person who is normally capable of speech is unable to speak in given situations.
Paul Jefferson and his nephew Bruce Jones both have selective mutism.
by Caitlin13579 March 20, 2008

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Is a video game for the gamecube. The story begins 5 years after the events of Pokémon Colosseum with the introduction of Michael (player may change the name), the main protagonist. Michael first meets Professor Krane, his mother's boss. He introduces the concept of Shadow Pokémon, which are Pokémon whose hearts have been artificially closed. So in the game you have to purify all the pokemon.
Jerry: Woaaaaah!! You got Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness?!
Ashley: I sure dooooo!!
by Caitlin13579 March 20, 2008

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- Something we should all care about because if we don't we will die (global warming).
- Something 95% of the world population doesn't care about because apparently we all all selfish, and most of all, STUPID.
- Something people start to realize why they should care about the environment, when it comes at the very end of it all. (See stupid)
Hevick of the Bahamas didn't care about the environment, and he also thought it was foolish to and thought "why care about the environment?" Hevick's country was hit by global warming along with severe floods. Then he realized for not caring about the environment, he wasn't the only fool that caused global warming, he also realized why to care about the environment. He now has common sense.
by Caitlin13579 March 22, 2008

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A video game for the gamecube. The game takes place in the Orre region, a barren desert wasteland overrun with crime. It begins with Wes (the main character, whose name can be changed by the player) planting a bomb in the Team Snagem (a minor antagonist) hideout and racing out as the place explodes. Wes also steals a miniature Snag Machine. Shortly after the explosion, the news network reports that the large Team Snagem "Snag Machine" was destroyed on the explosion and that the smaller, miniature version has been stolen. The latter is of particular concern because it allows the user to steal other trainers' Pokémon. The newscaster ends with the hopeful remark that the Snag Machine will not be used for criminal purposes again.
Alexis: I love the game Pokemon Colosseum!!
Hilary: No way girl!! Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is better!!
by Caitlin13579 March 20, 2008

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People whom are destroying society.

Ex: Cathy and Claire are GREEDY!! They need more money!!
The different forms of greed are greed of:
see: Money
Food etc....

For similar words like Greed see: Selfish

See the rest of the Seven
Deadly Sins:
by Caitlin13579 May 26, 2008

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A worldwide mistaken word for pokemon.
Jill: I've caught a pidgey!!
Chris: What's a pidgey?
Jill: It's a pokeman!!
Olivia: No stupid it's pokeMON!!
by Caitlin13579 March 20, 2008

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