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Househugger: A person that cares for the economy and other people. And will do anything to save the economy from going downhill.
The opposite of treehugger.

Treehugger: A person that cares for the environment and animals. And will do anything to save the environment from going downhill.
The opposite of a househugger.

Herbert: "Now you see how ridiculous it is to call someone a treehugger?"
Phil: "Yes I do!! Ever since I read the definition "househugger"
Househuggers and treehuggers don't get along.
by Caitlin13579 March 20, 2008
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Apparently, we are the smartest animal on the planet, but the most dangerous to are selves and to other species. Thinking we are more important then animals. We are destroying are own environment, and by doing that will eventually destroy us. We are incredibly arrogant creatures who seem to think that they are the only species on this planet. Extremly selfish, Money's the only thing we care about, we don't care about the environment or society or people or animals. We abuse people and animals.
Me: Humans aren't smart!!, we are depleting are own o-zone layer, and all this other shit!!
Person: Wow!! she's got a point!!
by Caitlin13579 February 09, 2008
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Another way to spell "Jessica". The orginal way to spell it is J.E.S.S.I.C.A
What more can I say?
Who needs an example for Jessika?
by Caitlin13579 July 09, 2011
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An intense adjective used to describe something pleasant or nice. Could pertain to a feeling, a smell, someones appearance, etc. The complete opposite of "smashed ass."

I feel like smashed face.

Yummy, something smells like smashed face!!

Your dad looks like smashed face.
Smashed face pertains:
feeling: I love you <3333
Smell: mmmm!! mom's home made baked cookies!!
appearance: Man!! is she hot or what?!
by Caitlin13579 March 12, 2008
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The term used to describe a person who sharpens his/her pencil every 2-5 minutes, (because they always want it sharp as it can get) resulting in their pencil ending up 2 inchs long the next day.
My friend always over sharpens her pencil. She is Over Pencil Sharpening.
by Caitlin13579 September 20, 2008
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- Something we should all care about because if we don't we will die (global warming).
- Something 95% of the world population doesn't care about because apparently we all all selfish, and most of all, STUPID.
- Something people start to realize why they should care about the environment, when it comes at the very end of it all. (See stupid)
Hevick of the Bahamas didn't care about the environment, and he also thought it was foolish to and thought "why care about the environment?" Hevick's country was hit by global warming along with severe floods. Then he realized for not caring about the environment, he wasn't the only fool that caused global warming, he also realized why to care about the environment. He now has common sense.
by Caitlin13579 March 22, 2008
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