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A bankogenic recession is a recession caused by bankers being reckless and making mistakes.

The phrase was first coined by London Mayor Boris Johnson in an interview with The Times newspaper (UK) on 6th December 2008.
In The Times inteview Boris Johnson said. “I’m a friend of the bankers but do not forget this is a bankogenic recession. It wasn’t produced by some oil shock, it was produced by a crisis in the financial services industry.”
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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Nickname for an English Austin A30 /A35 car. Sometimes applied to the A30 /A35 van, pick-up and estate variations.

A practical and charming compact vehicle, the A30 was produced 1951-56 with the A35 being made from 1956-59. Van production continued through to 1968.

Some A30/A35s remain in everday use even today, many are preserved and some are still used in classic car racing.
I've just seen a Peanut parked on the seafront. How rare these days!
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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JAM is a well-known slang word within the UK standing for Just A Minute, a long running popular BBC Radio 4 panel. The slang JAM was first used within the BBC, but this unofficial slang is now far more widespread.

Devised by Ian Messiter (1920-1999) whilst aboard a London bus, JAM was first broadcast in South Africa before being adopted by the BBC in 1967. It is distinctive by its use of the minute waltz.

An extremely entertaining but simple format, celebrity contestants have to speak for one minute on a given subject without deviation, repetition (of a word) or hesitation. If they do, other celebrity panellists can make a challenge; a successful challenge means they in turn get to continue talking on that subject for the remains of the minute. By 2009 over 700 episodes of JAM have been aired.
"Don't telephone me at 6-30 as I'll be listening to JAM on the wireless."

"No chance of that as I'm also a fan of JAM!"
by caiptean September 21, 2009
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A highly improbable event to the point of there being no realistic chance of it occuring. Similar to 'pigs might fly'
Person one - 'Albert is wants to win the election'

Person two 'Oh yeah, and I suppose the ducks will fart in church as well!'
by Caiptean August 08, 2009
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Affectionate term of a Morris motor vehicle.

Particularly applied to Morris Minor saloons (Moggie Minors), Morris Travellers (referred to in the US as Woodies) - (Moggie Travellers) as well as Morris Minor Convertibles /1000s /Vans /Pick-ups.

The practical Moggie minor range were produced between 1948-71 with many still in daily use today. Travellers are particuarly sought after in original form through to the 320 bhp conversions.
"Did you know in the antipodes the Moggie (Minor) is nicknamed the Morrie?"

"No, but I've heard then referred to as Mowogs from the parts name"
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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A vocal cry of of exclamation feigning the need for medical assistance from a nurse following particuarly loud or loud and wet flatulance.
Nurse, Nurse! cried Fred as his friends held their noses following his loud fart!
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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Fuel (Petrol) for cars

Slang term certainly used in the South-East UK amongst classic car /hot rod enthusiasts and therefore generally only applied to petrol (gas) but not derv (diesel).
"I need to stop and get some flop"

(I need to stop and get some fuel).
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
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