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A practice most seen with Gypsy people or Armenian males: Where, in lieu of a REAL shower, they spray a giant cloud of bad, musky cologne over their heads and, as the cologne drops descend upon them, they proceed to rub it into their skin, face and clothes, looking almost as if they're bathing. Sadly, this often results with them ending up more smelly then when they started. The combined odors of overpowering, stinky cologne and STANK bodily odors hit you with a double dose of funk.
"I know Max has been going through some problems, but he really needs to get his ass in the tub. Lately, all he takes are 'Armenian showers' and they aint fooling no one!"
by CactusHeart December 12, 2009

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The vile act of crapping while in the ocean. Occasionally committed by those surfers who are too lazy and/or unmotivated to get out of the water to deuce like a normal person. In fact, some surfers deliberately do it to "mark their terrirory", or do it to mark the end their surf session, leaving it behind it as an "I was here" statement.
-"Saturday was nothing but music, beer, surfing & aqua turding." *lmao*

-"You'd want to avoid that spot in the water, that's where Ronny went aqua turding....and unfortunately he had a bout of diarrhea." *lmao*
by CactusHeart November 12, 2010

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The crafty art of hiding an item you want (but cannot afford to buy) in a carefully chosen place somewhere within the store to ensure the item will be there when you're able to return with the money. A way for someone with inadequate or no money to "reserve" an item for themselves at a later date. Anyone who's ever been poor has done this at least once in their life. Also known as "squirrelling".
Joe: "Ma sent me out to the drug store for her tampons yesterday, and that's when I found the cd I've been looking for, but it was the last one in the store. After the tampons, there wasn't even enough left for a damn Coke, that stingy, bloody-twatted bitch!!"

Jack: So, what happened?

Joe: I wanted to steal it, but you know, the whole "3 strikes" thing. So I found a spot in the store to put it on poor man's layaway until next Friday, when I get paid.
by CactusHeart January 13, 2012

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The mark of vaginal lubrication left on the crotch area of the female's panties or pants, particularly from sexual arousal, which can sometimes resemble the mark of a slug or snail.
"You are so turning me on right now, you're making me leave a slug print in my pants"
by CactusHeart December 03, 2009

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Because saying "masturbate in the bath" is just too damn long :.P
Sally: "Ah, there's no better way to relax before bed than putting on some soft music, a little scented candles and a little bathturbating."

Jane: "You really need to get laid more."
by CactusHeart December 27, 2011

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A term used to define a 3-way sexual encounter involving 2 males & 1 female, where the female is on her hands & knees, and each male is inserted in opposite ends of the female and pushes/pulls her back and forth, resembling old-school lumberjacks standing at opposite ends of a tree, each pushing/pulling either end of a 2-man logging saw. Think of it as doggy-style, but with an added way of shutting her up other than the pillow *lmao*!!
Bob: "Joe's freaked out about the idea of having a 3-way with Jack & his girlfriend. He doesn't like the idea of crossing swords with him because he's afraid that's gay. He doesn't have to worry if they both go lumberjack-style on her."

Max: "It'll sure FEEL gay if the two happen to lock eyes while they're doin' it, so tell him to be careful *lmao*!"
by CactusHeart October 31, 2010

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Defines a type of person whom you might really be into, but is only interested in you long enough to have sex with you, and drops out of your life immediately after, looking for the next bang. Can be used to describe dudes or chicks.
Jack: "Last night was amazing. How about your number so we can do this again sometime?"

Sally: "Sorry...I'm what you call a "BYEsexual". Once I have sex with you...BYE!!!"
by CactusHeart May 05, 2011

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