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A term used to define a 3-way sexual encounter involving 2 males & 1 female, where the female is on her hands & knees, and each male is inserted in opposite ends of the female and pushes/pulls her back and forth, resembling old-school lumberjacks standing at opposite ends of a tree, each pushing/pulling either end of a 2-man logging saw. Think of it as doggy-style, but with an added way of shutting her up other than the pillow *lmao*!!
Bob: "Joe's freaked out about the idea of having a 3-way with Jack & his girlfriend. He doesn't like the idea of crossing swords with him because he's afraid that's gay. He doesn't have to worry if they both go lumberjack-style on her."

Max: "It'll sure FEEL gay if the two happen to lock eyes while they're doin' it, so tell him to be careful *lmao*!"
by CactusHeart October 31, 2010
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