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n. A man who enjoys anal sex with other men. Shortened from "dirt (or dung, crap, etc.) tamper". A butt pirate.
Will: That Jude Law is quite an attractive man.

CJ: You are SUCH a tamp.
by CJ January 31, 2004
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Abbreviation for tampons.

Also a girl who packs a drug store's worth of tampons in a suitcase filled with neon underwear, and too many moisturizing lotions.
"Did you see that girl? She's such a tamps."

"What a tamp; she absorbs everything."
by Stick_on October 26, 2011
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In Australian jails, a tamp is the lable of a phedophile. If your "put on" as a tamp (Labled) you're days are numbered.
1. He's a tamp because he likes having sex with minors.
2. He's been put on the tamp. DOG.
3. Anyone who wants to have sex with a kid is a tamp. DS...
by IKU April 03, 2005
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a small metal tool used to pack down tobacco and clean a briar pipe.
Oh yes that was good cavendish, now to make with the tamp.
by Sluggo January 14, 2003
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Slang for tampon. Used when two sylables is just too long.
If you don't stop talking, I'm throwing a dirty tamp at your face.
by John Spiggs July 31, 2007
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