A ruddy queer man who likes to ram his schooner into another man's glory hole; a sailor of anal ports.

See also: ass-rammer, jizz-junkie, cum gulper, butt-muncher, turd-burglar, peter-puffer.
Holy shit, Pete! Don't be grabbing my arse, ya dirty butt pirate! ARGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

by Bill B January 4, 2006
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a male into backdoor shenanigans who acquires booty from another male

a swashbuckler,sword dueler

one who wears an eye patch and does the pie snatch of a guy's hatch
Wham was a band in the 80's that consisted of just two butt pirates and nothing more.
by ( o )( o ) December 10, 2003
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Someone that sails the seven seas burying their treasure in buttholes.
Yo Dave if you are staying at Jimmy's house tonight you better saran rap your asshole because I heard Jimmy was a real Butt pirate.
by SirGrundleMuncher July 2, 2006
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One who raids and plunders one's rectum/colon/anus.
by Eura Phagg November 18, 2006
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A Matey Mister who, in the process of wearing The Eyepatch, plunders the treasures of other Matey Misters, whether his sword be drawn or not.
"It'th your turn to walk the gangplank," one Butt Pirate said to the other, whilst slobbing his knob.
by TonyHoagland October 21, 2003
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In addition to the other definitions, the pirate is often named "Dicky Nicky" and is of Indian descent. His combination of wanting butt pleasures (in reference to Mooj from 40-Year-Old Virgin) and choosing unsuspecting victims makes him the scariest butt pirate of them all.
Why is that guy so obsessed with butt pleasures?

Because he's the BUTT PIRATE!
by annonymousfemaleoneaton June 19, 2010
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