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German woodland camoflage pattern. Widely considered to be one of the most effective patterns in existence, and developed no doubt because Germany feels its been too long since they went Teutonic on the rest of Europe and need to beef up their war machine. Seriously, its been like 60 years since they started a world war so I reckon we're due.
Hey Chester, it looks like that German army marching through Paris is wearing Flecktarn.
by C++ January 20, 2006

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Small furry rodent, i.e. a small rabbit. Very tasty when properly prepared.
Have you had your bunny today?
by C++ February 13, 2005

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Basically, people who hate chavs and want to form a social club about it. The irony is they rightfully accuse chavs of being dumb, brutish, sheeple assholes but in doing so they themselves do the exact same thing.
I'm not anti-chav, I'm anti-stupid. There is a difference.
by C++ June 03, 2006

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One of the founders of Microsoft and formerly the world's richest man (passed by the founder of Ikea). People like to blame him for everything, because he's rich and part of human nature is blaming rich people for all your problems.
Car won't start?

Got fired from work?

Your candidate got owned in the election?

Blame Bill Gates!! Everyone's doing it, it's the new national pastime.
by C++ August 16, 2005

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A newbie. Billed as the action-adventure star of the next generation, his acting really sucks. Unfortunately for all of us, most of the 'new generation' of Hollywood actors are even worse which leaves him looking surprisingly good.
Hey, at least he's not as shitty as Ice T, or an arrogant egocentric twit like Tom Cruise.
by C++ August 16, 2005

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Popular bastardization of Maxis' classic SimCity series that effectively lets one play God in a small community. Popular with mild-mannered middle aged women and perverts, but for different reasons. Though many applaud Maxis' incredible success with the series others see it (and the subsequent abandonment/assimilation of SimCity) as blasphemy.
Oh Belinda, let me tell you about this most wonderful little neighborhood I've built at our next Tupperware party.

Sup lads I made those three dudes do it in the bathroom.
by C++ February 23, 2005

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Best city ever, if you're a clueless Californian sheeple, a rich idiot, or a shallow prick who thinks the only thing that matters in the world is good weather.

Actually the city is pretty cool, you gotta love a town whose entire city council is at risk of going to jail, and whose (recently resigned) mayor was voted one of the country's worst.

I think I know a total of 5 other residents who actually like this place, most people who love SD are tourists who didn't stay long enough to get screwed over.
If you like $500,000 cottages, $3.00/gallon gas, corrupt local government, fascistic homeowners associations and oppressive regulation, San Diego is the place to be.
by C++ August 16, 2005

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