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tr.v. Billed

Derived from the expression "Billy Bad Ass". To be on the recieving end of any act of total sweetness and Bad Ass-ness which usually results in your ultimate demise and/or embarrassment.

To be put in place by pure Bad-Ass-ness!

See: Bill

1. D Billed that fool Hard in the face!

2. We Billed Crooks by Tea bagging his ass while he slept!!
by DFaFH June 06, 2007
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to be left alnoe, by yourself, when a group of people or persons leave you, to be on your bill
James was billed when his friends left him alone to play football
by Phil Douglas April 14, 2006
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to get fired for trying to consule a girl by giving her a hug and in the process getting sprung which you rub against her leg
bill got billed after tring to consule laura
by uby April 09, 2007
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