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Soldier who is trained to jump out of perfectly good airplanes, for the purpose of inserting in enemy territory away from the heavy defenses around national borders and the front lines.
Paratroopers are pretty helpless during the airdrop, but their strength is in putting force in an area that isn't expecting it or prepared to react.
by C++ June 03, 2006

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Visualize Windows XP, a perfectly fine if occasionally clunky OS. Now make it eat three times as much system resources, have stupidly high system requirements, and because that's not shitty enough throw in a Big Brother DRM scheme that's guaranteed to fuck over anyone who isnt a hardware geek. And verily, you have experienced the binary turd better known as Windows Vista.
It costs $300 and doesn't really offer anything that XP doesnt. Is it any wonder people arent jumping on the Vista bandwagon?
by C++ April 28, 2007

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1. Large, cute farm animal whose wool is harvested to make clothing and other goods. Also, sheep meat or mutton is a popular and tasty delicacy in many cultures.

2. A person who mindlessly follows someone else's agenda, usually that of the loudest and dumbest person around. See politics and online games.

3. Popular love partner for Welshmen everywhere.
1. Sheep make great pets, particularly if you live in a cold climate.

me> So do you like that online game?
guy> actually no, its lame and shitty but everyone else plays it so i have to or i wouldnt be cool anymore. also i like michael moore because hes big and loud, not sure what he believes in tho
me> Congratulations, you sir are a sheep.

3. Honest Llyffl's Ranch and Brothel
by C++ June 03, 2006

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At its core, religion is adherence to a code of beliefs. Often bashed by evangelical atheists who don't understand that their belief in no god is itself a religion.

Also note that general religion or faith is not the same thing as organized religion. Organized religion is, theologically, man's interpretation of what God wants. For example, Christianity is a belief in God and Jesus (see the Bible for more specifics), and the organized religion of Catholocism (later, the Protestant faiths) was created to 'bring God to the people.'

Most faiths say basically the same thing (that there was one loving God, a flood, some prophets and some other stuff) but a lot of organized religions have been twisted into an excuse for people to kill each other (if theres one thing humans love more than killing each other, its doing it for a greater cause).
Everyone is a member of some religion, even if it's the religion of no religion. Now Deal With It kthx.
by C++ August 16, 2005

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On the eight day, God created Infantry. He sayeth "let there be a game fit for Man, who was created in my image, and for me when I am bored" and thusly Infantry rose from the sea of binary code, a testament to divine power and the coolness of developer Harmless Games. But Man became sinful and an asshole (no surprise there), and God decided to destroy what he created. "Man has gone wrong," God said, "and I shall destroy these sinful men and bring about the ruination of their great game." And verily, He flooded the earth for 40 days and 40 nights, and made HG sell Infantry to Sonly Online Entertainment who promptly ruined it on divine order (not that they needed any help though).

Luckily for mankind Noah was allowed to build an ark and save his family and the animals, but God was swift and merciless with Infantry. After SOE completed its task, what remained of the once mighty game was set upon by all manner of demons, hackers, script kiddies, and nade lamers. And when the dust settled, Infantry was leveled, laid low by the hand that rent Sodom and Gomorrah, then banished to the underworld to be lorded over by Satan's assistant Joe for all of eternity.
And that is the story of the rise and fall of the greatest game ever.
by C++ August 16, 2005

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News Flash: The Cubs and White Sox are not in the same league, so it is actually okay to cheer for both of them and hope they both do well. They're both great baseball teams and people who bitch about how one sucks and the other is awesome look like morons.

Instead let's talk about how much the Yanks and the Cards suck ass, because they do.
The White Sox are an old and excellent baseball team, and if the zealots would just cool it a bit the sane sports fans of Chicago would greatly appreciate. Thanks.
by C++ June 03, 2006

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To be so wrapped up in your own Kool-Aid agenda that you have no clue that you are really talking out of your ass. The word was invented by pundit Joe Klien in a rant about how Matt Drudge sucks, but the part of the original article he quoted to support his case actually validated the Drudge headline so Klien was clearly referring to himself.
Did you catch that Senator on TV the other night going on about how earmarks are bad but his own pet projects were special? How dumbolic.
by C++ September 24, 2007

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