11 definitions by Buster

Reference by a toothless inbred to a person with class and a quality education who attended Auburn University.
That danged ole confounded looser is a barner.
by Buster April 22, 2003
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A word used by a toothless inbred, that is mistaken that the universe does not revovle around football as it WAS played back in the day of Bahr Brynt, as a feeble attempt to insult a person with a quality education from Auburn University.
Over yonder sets a barner. I hates them loosers.
by Buster April 22, 2003
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Mark: Dude Garrik is almost a Beto.
Joe: Yeah but hes no J.J
Mr.Kaiser: No one can a J.J he owns
by Buster December 3, 2004
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the boys; the guys; my manly friends.
I told the wife I was hanging out with the fellas tonight.
by Buster November 25, 2003
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Somthing that people know is real but no one has ever seen or heard of it.
Could I have some of those trons?
by Buster January 14, 2004
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a descriptive word used to describe someone you don't know who acts, looks, sounds, etc. gay.
Theres a sense of faggotism in the way that fool dresses.

Theres faggotism in the that dude talks.
by Buster April 11, 2005
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This is a noun referring to a person who displays bootsie or bootsy qualities.
by Buster February 8, 2004
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