A term used to describe fans and/or alumni of Auburn University. The term originated, in part, from the fact that Auburn University is located in a more rural area of Alabama and has a large Department of Agriculture. Additionally, former University of Alabama head football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant referred to Auburn as a "cow college." Since Bryant is a god of sorts to most Alabama Crimson Tide football fans, this solidified the term. It is important to note that this term is most often used by Alabama football fans who couldn't tell you anything about the school unless it is football-related.
I was gonna take that minimum wage job in the city, but when I found out the company's owned by a stinking barner, I decided to just stay on unemployment.
by JuniperPaw November 10, 2010
term used to describe all that is bad in alabama, or someone who is a loser a wannabee, a never will be,
That cow dung eating, no shoe wearing worthless piece of slime is a barner!
by David6900000000000 March 28, 2007
A simpleton. Most support themselves by robbing graves and perfoming smutty acts with various farm animals in freak shows around the Southeast. Most look like Nick Nolte after a hard night of drinking.
by D.O. 1 April 13, 2007
Reference by a toothless inbred to a person with class and a quality education who attended Auburn University.
That danged ole confounded looser is a barner.
by Buster April 22, 2003
A word used by a toothless inbred, that is mistaken that the universe does not revovle around football as it WAS played back in the day of Bahr Brynt, as a feeble attempt to insult a person with a quality education from Auburn University.
Over yonder sets a barner. I hates them loosers.
by Buster April 22, 2003
Term used by toothless inbred Bamanek's as a feebble attempt to insult insult a person with a quality education from Auburn University, who do not beleive as they do that the universe revovles around football as it WAS played BACK the days of Bahr Brynt.
Look the barners have won another game over the BamaNeks and their idiot coach, he will likely get a brick through his window now!
by M Williams October 9, 2005
A fan or player of Auburn University, better known as the cow college in West Georgia.
You will always be little brother, you pathetic Barner!
by The Ahura Mazda July 29, 2006