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yet another name for louise green made up by me! he he! - clit, bitch, whore,...etc..CLITASORUS!!
look bell its the new species: the clitasorus! n her gimpy gay clan (including her gimpy gay looking ass licker of a b/f)
by Burger March 15, 2004
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Kelly dries off longer than all the other girls in the cabin
by Burger March 14, 2005
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A term made popular in the online browser based MMORPG Bootleggers. Commonly used when a player, usually of a high status, dies while attempting to kill a player of inferior status, due to lack of experience and/or lack of situational awareness.
by Burger December 21, 2016
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fuk u i aint got it i was ill for once!!!
if any one has it its toni!!!!
has she actually done a full week at school this year??!!!
she gona have social services donwn her house soon!!!
by Burger April 2, 2004
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^^^ yeah u got that rite with will & leanne!!!!!!
talk about make trouble 4 ya self!!!
by Burger April 13, 2004
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haha!! ive been on that b4!!! at school!!
does "hwillifred" want me to copy those cds 4 him?
Ask him to tell u to tell Lisa to tell toni to tell evry otha fuck to tell me yeah?
by Burger April 13, 2004
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