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adj. describing a person or body part that causes physical difficulty, as a result of birth, accident or other.
James tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder so now he's gimpy.

I was born with a gimpy right foot. It's two-sizes smaller than my left!
by Jannut October 14, 2007
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A nickname for someone who is retarded, handicapped, or a wordspazz
He broke his leg, now he is all gimpy
by crazyfock November 05, 2003
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a knickname for the gpmg (general purpose machine gun)the current medium machine gun used by the british army and many others around the world. The gimpy fires a 7.62 round usually from a 100-200 round belt. its rate of fire is around 850 rounds a minute, it is usually fired in bursts of 2-5 rounds to keep it from overheating and to give greater levels off accuracy at long range.
"you take that gimpy and supress those enemy positions"
by nope not getting it March 19, 2007
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1. Something or someone considered to have the attributes of a nerd and/or dork and/or... well... gimp
2.A genius, nerdy Star Wars Guru from Techerson Tech made of "techno-flesh", quoted his website. From the 'Undergrads' cartoon. Hates Star Trek.
1.I may be gimpy, but I'm proud of it.
2. All hail Gimpy, master of the Jedi! Down with Spud, the Star Trek loving enemy of the Force!
by Darius July 15, 2003
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adj. describing something that is so lame that you feel jipped/cheated/pwned.
You see that spicy tuna sushi? That really boring, not-yummy, lame sushi with just rice and a little slab of tuna? The roll that the sushi tomo people gave us for free and then charged us for? It is so gimpy.
by susietomo December 13, 2009
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a horse that got her foot run over by a car, has 2 sons. bites legs to turn others gimped. nays at people in sewers
by gimpyoyo January 04, 2009
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