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the act of ejaculating into your hand after intercourse and throwing it in her face while yelling "BAM!"

My lady was in a naughty mood, so I decided to pull an Emeril and give her a little more than ole' spice to slap on.
by BULLDOG January 31, 2003

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When two guys are fucking, you guessed it, the one on the bottom.
Did you see that weak guy at the gym, he was grunting like a bottom boy.
by Bulldog January 29, 2006

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Fucking Illinois Bastard
They should make north I-94 a toll road so we can collect some money from those F.I.B's who come up here every summer and act like they own the place.
by Bulldog July 05, 2007

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When the bottom of a persons ass cheeks are not covered by their bikini because the ass crack gobbles them up or because of the ass is full and can't be contained.
Take a look at that cheek leak. That ass is perfect.
by Bulldog January 29, 2006

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Safe keeping / smuggling contraband in Your Anal Cavity
When you in jail, use your "Jailhouse Wallet" to smuggle or keep safe various items.
by Bulldog March 08, 2007

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Most certainty one of the most hated parts of the United Kingdom. If anyone wonders were all the drug abusers etc… come from then look no further than Manchester (usually the moss side area). Most of them are usually racist and don’t have jobs but continue to give other parts of the UK negative comments.
Theirs the manc bastard, fucking kill him now before he gets away with my car. Oh shit them kappa tracky bottoms are hurting my eyes and he got away
by BuLLDoG March 11, 2004

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