Any houmourless twat with a dodgy weave and inabilty to say words such as; paper, tenner or anything ending with ER.
by Gaz January 12, 2005
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the pungeant odur coming from a unwashed groin & ass area
the manc waffting off buddy is making my eyes water.
by diassmfb October 17, 2007
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A person who lives in manchester!

(the only reason why there are so many scally's and arse raping idiots living in manchester is cos of ppl like u lot that say there are - thats why they all come and live here!!!!!)
i'm a manc but i do not want to be classed as a person who stabs ppl and take old grannies handbags thank u very much!
by girl July 1, 2004
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Most certainty one of the most hated parts of the United Kingdom. If anyone wonders were all the drug abusers etc… come from then look no further than Manchester (usually the moss side area). Most of them are usually racist and don’t have jobs but continue to give other parts of the UK negative comments.
Theirs the manc bastard, fucking kill him now before he gets away with my car. Oh shit them kappa tracky bottoms are hurting my eyes and he got away
by BuLLDoG March 11, 2004
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scummy lil fuckers who use words like mint and think there boss most of them have moved out of manchester beacuse of the immigrants moving into manchester
mint man
by kidaaaa July 20, 2006
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basically a manc or mancunian whicheva floats ya boat is sum1 from manchesta! dey luv der kappa trakkies n der fat gold loop earrings n der chains n so-called 'bling'. dey luv der greased back hair wit 2 strands hangin in front ov der faces! dey also fink dey have da best fashion senses eva wit der purple leggins and lime green kappa trakky tops! dey are all slags aswell n dey rob all da fit men from liverpool coz dey cant fynd ne wer dey cum from!!!!!! :P o ye n dey fink der all gorgeous!
charlotte is a manc slag! no1 lyks er even her fella dont! she has da greasiest hair yav eva cn n hueva told er 2 go blonde needs shootin!!!!
by manc h8a March 12, 2005
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People who live in Manchester !! Who are multi cultural, educated and like to shop. Home of the greatest gay village in England, and have two amazing teams in here, who are both in the top 5 of the premiership this year. Home to amazing bands, OASIS! Happy Mondays! The Smiths! Take That and Simply Red. All these bands obviosly make all of Manchester lil chavs coz they are soo rap !!!! Unlike the Liverpool scum who are only good for listening to their accent ON THE RADIO where you cant see there scrotey face and Steven Gerrard
Quality Manc Joke

Q: Define confusion

A: Fathers day in Liverpool
by MeGaN '07 December 4, 2007
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