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Any houmourless twat with a dodgy weave and inabilty to say words such as; paper, tenner or anything ending with ER.
by Gaz January 12, 2005
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hails from the city of manchester but displays an unhealthy obsession with the people of liverpool. often found sporting disasterous liam gallagher hair-do's, ill-fitting liam gallagher parka's, and generally walks like the have a fist lodged up their back passage. they think this peculiar gait adds to their "scally" charm. mostly found in the trafford centre.
by ian brown December 03, 2003
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An Inhabitant of the English city known as Manchester. Usually of low intelligence or morals and mainly inbred. due mainly because of the slum housing and council estates most mancs spend most of their time committing crimes to subsidise their drug habit.
Officially according to home office reports Manchester has the highest crime rate in England and is also home to some of the countries worse criminals
Dr Shipman
Ian Bradey
Myra Hindley
Mick Hucknall
by gary neville is gay October 24, 2006
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dirty, scumy, mampy, prawn sandwhich eating cock suckers. Bunch of ass holes!
All the mother bitches at old stratford are Mancs!
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
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A manc is an inhabitant of the shithole, manchester. Scientists are still unsure what species they are; possibly rodent. It is common to see them blaming scousers (liverpool) for high crime rates in the city, however it is themselves who stab old people and live off the city council. The scouse accent has been known to be the most distinguished, yet the manc tone really is white noise and ear rape according to most who are unfortunate to hear it.

To some up, they are the dried dog shit a scouser would wipe off his/her shoe before twatting one of them loud mouth cunts with that very shoe.
manc- "Oi! scouse nob ed we've won 19 titles"
scouser- "Who gives a shit your mums round the pub spending your dole and sellin her fanny for a fiver a go!"
by flynnyboy August 01, 2011
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An inhabitant of Manchester, officially the most run down, smelly and rat infested city in the UK.

Statistically, it has been proven that all Mancs can be put into at least one of the following five catagories (although some fit all):

1) Junkie
2) Rapist
3) Paedophile
4) Pikey
5) Slut

Limited by a tiny gene pool, Mancs spend their time robbing, shooting, taking drugs and having sex with children. As well as being cursed with incredibly annoying nasal voices, they are stunted in growth by years of inbreeding.

Famous Mancs:

Howard Shipman, Bernard Manning, Terry Christian, Mick Hucknall, Myra Hindley, Ian Brady
by Jon. H September 16, 2006
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Most certainty one of the most hated parts of the United Kingdom. If anyone wonders were all the drug abusers etc… come from then look no further than Manchester (usually the moss side area). Most of them are usually racist and don’t have jobs but continue to give other parts of the UK negative comments.
Theirs the manc bastard, fucking kill him now before he gets away with my car. Oh shit them kappa tracky bottoms are hurting my eyes and he got away
by BuLLDoG March 11, 2004
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