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Troglodytes, cave dwellers. Caver, potholer, spelaeologist,
spelunker. A highly respectable name for anyone physically tough enough and experienced in exploring caves or potholes.
Someone of immense stamina - probably under 30 years of age.
There were actually quite a few trogs in there so it was a cool place to go drinking.
by Brucester September 10, 2006
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Skiing: A small lump of very hard snow or ice that looks innocent enough but it is practically welded to the piste causing you to stumble when you ski into it. Usually encountered first thing in the morning before the sun has loosened the snow up.
Following a wipe-out....."I think I must have hit a space cookie or something"


Take it easy guys this next bit is littered with space cookies
by Brucester September 10, 2006
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Presidential spam flautist Monika Lewinski lied in court again today, yet privately hoped she would be found out, as the whole point of the exercise was that she wanted to simply be catalogued in history as someone who blew the President. <Mindless cunt>
by Brucester September 13, 2006
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"Treasure" brought up from shipwrecks on the seabed by scuba divers.

For "Treasure" read - mainly bits of brass rubbish. For "Brought up" read - furiuosly chiseled off against the clock. For "Scuba Divers" read - thieving pikeys.
For "Seabed" read - murkey depths of cold water with visibility of two metres.

For Spidge there is a heirachy of value, disregard all gold, jewells and other fantasy land nonsense the real wreck treasure chart goes something like this:-

1= Ships bell
2= Telegraph / telemotor
3= Compass binnacle
4= Helm
5= Steam whistle
6= Nice brass Nav or deck lights
7= Portholes
8= Crockery & cutlery etc

Consolation prizes for the lower ranks of the air diving one tank numpty:-

Rubber soles from dead seamans shoes, unidentified piece of brass, crockery fragment, lead shot, hooked up fishing weights, pieces of diving equipment dropped by other novices.

All of the quality items have to be reported to the Receiver Of Wreck who finds out if you are allowed to keep the stuff. The remaining detritus is used to decorate your fireplace until you get married when the wife "accidentally" puts it out for the dustman.
"Dived the Lanfrac last weekend"
"Hur hur, find any gold"
"Er, yes actually! a solid bar of it, unfortunately it was a Leigh Bishop trip so in fact it had been placed there and was lead cast and sprayed gold to look like one"
"Hur hur - Fools Spidge!"
by Brucester June 27, 2007
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A social class. Surprisingly (or not) one that crosses all accepted class structures. A scrunter cuts corners socially.
1. Always drops litter
2. Spills red wine on your furniture
3. Goes shopping in a paint splattered tracksuit
4. Leaves toilets in a mess
5. Is an inconsiderate housemate
6. Rough handles food in a supermarket or worse takes the lid off for a smell or a lick.
7. Smokes in public and always throws the butt in the urinal
8. Ditto chewing gum.
9. Spits in public.
10. Crunches large volumes of garlic and commutes by train.
11. Is fat and has the cheek to fly by plane but only book a single seat.
12. The list is endless but I think you get the picture.

** Don't waste a good word like scrunter as a derogatory name for a female!!**
by Brucester April 4, 2004
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Impressively knackered or broken.
1. I'll give it a miss, I'm feeling totally tarahted

2. Well I might as well bin it now, you've completely tarahted it.

3. Have you seen what those chavs have done to the bus stop - it's completely tarahted.
by Brucester September 10, 2006
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Mendip caving slang for a cave entrance that has been used as a dump. Possibly very old term but widly used now.
Ee slocked it down that there hole. i.e Stoke Lane Slocker
by Brucester September 16, 2006
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