13 definitions by Brotogé

Something that's supposed to be mandatory that more and more judges seem to not care about.
by Brotogé September 15, 2016
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An abandoned concept for a TV show in which various families of anthropomorphic traffic cones all manipulate and murder their enemies in order to assume their claim to the iron curb.
Every character you like on Game of Cones will probably die this season.
by Brotogé September 7, 2016
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An aggressive rough expression of affection in which participants attack each other's mouths with their tongues.
Too much german kissing can trigger lockjaw.
by Brotogé September 15, 2016
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One of the Internet's many punching bags. It was once trendy to criticize her for her appearance and voice but new jokes about these things come across as trite and desperate.
Internet: "Hey! So! Do you hate Sarah Jessica Parker too?"
Humans: "Meh. Maybe 5 years ago. Now I really don't give a fuck."
by Brotogé September 15, 2016
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The single most entertaining actor of all time. Incapable of a boring performance, Cage entrances audiences everywhere. Though often subject to criticism, no one has ever accused him of being too boring.
I would watch Nicholas Cage in another National Treasure film. No shame.
by Brotogé September 15, 2016
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