Tux is the Linux Mascot created by Larry Ewing, and chosen by Linus Torvalds as the Linux mascot because of the endless possibilities of showing Tux. He, unlike a fruit or a piece of glass, is under GPL and is much cooler. People have the rights to show tux in anyway without getting sued and still able to show how awesome he is.
Something Tux could say:

Tux: I've been a mascot, an apple eater, a quake slip-gate ranger, and I have pissed on windows many times. I also flew right through one. Numerous times have I been with hot beautiful female models.
by tsphan November 14, 2004
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Tux is the linux mascot. He is the worlds most intelligent penguin and is conspiring with the worlds greatest nerds to bring down the evil Microsoft empire.
My penguin armies will crush the evil M$ empire.
Bill gates: HELP!! The penguins have come for me!
by Mr Bob B Bobhead January 11, 2004
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The penguin that stands for Linux.
by Racecar56 April 10, 2009
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Tux is really mad if you dont add a definition for him.
by u2dvdbono September 7, 2010
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As mentioned in Tyler, The Creator’s song “Jamba”, it means that there is no argument, or comeback for the statement
21 Savage is trash no tux
“I packed the fattest bowl yesterday”
“You did not bitch, you don’t even smoke no tux”
by Someretardwithinternet February 7, 2019
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Tux rules!!
by Tux April 11, 2003
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A super cool penguin that loves to share!
...his father, Linux, taught him everything he knows.
Linux: "son, your gonna grow up in a world where os's charge to use them. Don't let that put you down, just be yourself, tux"
by VtuxW February 16, 2011
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