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A Drum N' Bass duo that anyone can listen to.
Chemical Brothers, Spinning the finest in Titanium Dioxide and Tetrabutyl Pentaerythrityl Hydroxhydrocinnamate.
by Brisk July 17, 2004
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Being stopped from doing something by an imposed limit, but not being told what that limit is under any circumstances.
If Disneyland was Comcasted:

Agent: "You have exceeded your fun limit for the day. You must leave the park immediately."
Tourist: "Limits? I wasn't told of any limits. What are the limits, if I may ask?"
Agent: "You may not."
by Brisk June 08, 2004
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A Pseudo-punk band that wouldn't know punk if a truck carrying Offspring, Bad Religion or Ramones discs ran them over going 85mph on the interstate.
Good Charlotte is ©2002-End of Time by MTV.
by Brisk August 06, 2005
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The age-old Republican National Convention, A proud subsidiary of The National Rifle Association.
"Welcome to the 252nd annual RNC. Load up your guns and lock in your ammo."
by Brisk July 27, 2004
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Creamy, delicious drinkable substance that's getting more attractive as dairy prices skyrocket, and more health problems are being linked to milk.

Just don't use it in soup, though.
Soymilk has 30% less carbs than cow's milk, Atkins bizatches!
by Brisk July 06, 2004
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What devlops after you get so many wired accessories connected to any one television, computer, etc.
Usually consisting of live wires and wires from old, forgotten equipment (Turntables, anyone?)
It also maybe the doing of your phone or cable company. Why do you think those utility boxes are so freakin' huge?

Maybe also be used as another term for the food at Carrabba's Italian Grill.
Bob's old wiring gets tangled in with the rest of the Spaghetti Nightmare behind his TV.

Comcast adds it's own wiring to AT&T's Spaghetti Nightmare.

I ate at Carrabba's Italian Grill, it was a Spaghetti Nightmare.
by Brisk June 15, 2004
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