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Feels the need to cover the world in flat-screen HDTV panels.
When all other rappers focused on the hydrolics market, Xzibit invested in HDTV Panels. He now lives a pimped out life.
by Brisk June 05, 2004

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Where to go if you're a rich pimp wanting much more class than the 99 cent store.
None o' that 99 cent crap, Jeeves. To tha dollar store.
by Brisk June 20, 2004

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Creamy, delicious drinkable substance that's getting more attractive as dairy prices skyrocket, and more health problems are being linked to milk.

Just don't use it in soup, though.
Soymilk has 30% less carbs than cow's milk, Atkins bizatches!
by Brisk July 06, 2004

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The new, hip word for 'last resort' coined by the creative vocabularies in the united states senate.
Buying out the Mom & Pop store was the nuclear option.
by Brisk May 29, 2005

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Being stopped from doing something by an imposed limit, but not being told what that limit is under any circumstances.
If Disneyland was Comcasted:

Agent: "You have exceeded your fun limit for the day. You must leave the park immediately."
Tourist: "Limits? I wasn't told of any limits. What are the limits, if I may ask?"
Agent: "You may not."
by Brisk June 08, 2004

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A Political cartoon on JibJab.com that is, unlike The Fox News Channel, Fair and Balanced.
These guys are amateurs at flash/photoshop, but still awesome.
"This Land is my Land, This Land is Your Land, I'm a texas tiger, you're a liberal wiener, I'm a great crusader, you're a herman muuunster, this land will surely vote for me." - George W. Bush

"This Land is my Land, This Land is Your Land, I'm an intellectual, you're a stupid dumbass. I'm a purple heart winner, and yes it's true I won it thrice, this land will surely vote for me." - John Kerry
by Brisk July 27, 2004

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See what Coke is doing and copy it.
New Mindeltraxethyl Berry Pepsi! (Kind of running out of flavor modifications here)
by Brisk June 08, 2004

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