24 definition by Brisk

A Drum N' Bass duo that anyone can listen to.
Chemical Brothers, Spinning the finest in Titanium Dioxide and Tetrabutyl Pentaerythrityl Hydroxhydrocinnamate.
by Brisk July 17, 2004

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Possibly the worst incarnation of Mountain Dew ever. No idea why they chose to continue it in 2004, It didn't pass our taste tests in 2003 (7.1 Overall.)
Drink some Pineapple Soda infused with Red Bull instead. (9.6 Overall.)
Livewire is just trying to cash in with the 'ieet h4x0r' crowd.
by Brisk June 20, 2004

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A Neighborhood in southside Colorado Springs that is nothing but Car Dealerships.
Motor City drive, 35 ex-cons per square mile.
by Brisk October 31, 2004

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