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A jiu-jistu technigue in which you choke an oppent from behind "Rear Naked Choke"
Rickson has won many fights by RNC
by Ricksonfan March 17, 2005
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A bunch of Leeds based clubbers/alcohlics known as The Rowdy Crew.

Originated back in the late 90's when a group of individuals were known for 'getting rowdy' in numerous clubs and bars in and around the Leeds area.
"come on RNC, lets get rowdy"!
by JP Slow July 29, 2004
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The age-old Republican National Convention, A proud subsidiary of The National Rifle Association.
"Welcome to the 252nd annual RNC. Load up your guns and lock in your ammo."
by Brisk July 27, 2004
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a US convention for liberal and radical nationalist tyrants, swines and tweeting twats; also used for it's attendees and supporters
come out you cowardly rnc swine, come on out and fight!!!
by william fuser nessan May 11, 2012
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