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Originated in 2001 when EA started putting cover shots of famous football stars on the cover of Madden NFL videogames.
Every player to be on the cover since then has had a season ending injury and/or a losing streak. Examples:

Madden 2001 cover: Eddie George, Titans RB

Before cover: The Titans reached the Super Bowl the prior season and George had gone to three consecutive Pro Bowls.

After cover: George made the Pro Bowl in 2000, but averaged 3.2 yards per carry in 2001 and 2002 and the Titans haven't been back to the Super Bowl.

Madden 2002 cover: Daunte Culpepper, Vikings QB

Before cover: Culpepper threw 33 TD passes and led team to the NFC championship game.

After cover: Culpepper missed five games in 2001 with a knee injury, threw a league-high 23 interceptions in 2002; the Vikings have gone 11-21 since 2000.

Madden 2003 cover: Marshall Faulk, Rams RB

Before cover: Faulk had become the first player in NFL history to gain 2,000 yards from scrimmage in four consecutive seasons; the Rams had been to three straight postseasons.

After cover: Plagued by an ankle injury, Faulk started a career-low 10 games as the Rams missed the playoffs.

Madden 2004 cover: Michael Vick, Falcons QB

Before cover: He was on a roll coming into the year, having set four NFL records in the 2002 season and established a reputation as one of the games' most electrifying players.

After cover: Early in the 2003 pre-season, Vick broke his leg in the first quarter of a game against the Baltimore Ravens. He was out for the first 11 games of the season.
Prior to 2001, John Madden was on the cover of Madden NFL games. John Madden is the only man in history to withstand the power of the Madden Curse.
by Brisk August 12, 2004

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Best Subspace server ever. Hosts over 250 different games and events.
I pop into Trench Wars to meet my squad and kick ass daily.
by Brisk June 05, 2004

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A telco that prides itself on mysterious 'how did that get there?' charges.
There is no 'you' in Qwest.
by Brisk June 05, 2004

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A Show that has almost no adult supervision since two-thirds of the cast quit/got pinkslipped, and sometimes has no adult supervision at all.
Yoshi doesn't count as adult supervision, as he uses sharp objects & things that blow up.
The old screen savers was better than the new.
by Brisk July 11, 2004

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A place for ghetto people to shop. Where every dollar you spend goes back to support ghetto communities in other parts of the world.
I shop at my neighborhood Wal-Mart, and my money goes to support fellow ghetto families in Indonesia and Mexico.
by Brisk July 06, 2004

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Stopping whatever you're doing every couple of minutes to ask for pledges.
Robots and Computer programs can also be programmed to do this, commonly called shareware.
That streetcorner guitarist has PBS Syndrome.
MIRC and WinZip are programmed for PBS Syndrome.
by Brisk July 12, 2004

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What devlops after you get so many wired accessories connected to any one television, computer, etc.
Usually consisting of live wires and wires from old, forgotten equipment (Turntables, anyone?)
It also maybe the doing of your phone or cable company. Why do you think those utility boxes are so freakin' huge?

Maybe also be used as another term for the food at Carrabba's Italian Grill.
Bob's old wiring gets tangled in with the rest of the Spaghetti Nightmare behind his TV.

Comcast adds it's own wiring to AT&T's Spaghetti Nightmare.

I ate at Carrabba's Italian Grill, it was a Spaghetti Nightmare.
by Brisk June 15, 2004

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